I'm hosting my first ever gang bang on Sunday November 12th in Bristol and I want you to be part of it!No cameras, no filming, if you want to see it you've got to be there.Get in touch for more info or to book!How much can I take? How much can I squirt? Will my cunt ever be satisfied? Come along and find the answers to these questions and many more - or just take your turn fucking me senseless. But look out for the splash zone! There's also voyeur tickets available for those who just want to watch.~ Condoms only - no bareback ~Bristol, Sunday November 12th, 5:30 - 8pm at a discreet private venueTickets £120 / voyeurs £60, or £90 / £45 if paid in full by November 5th. £30 deposit required for all tickets payable by Wishtender or bank transfer

What to expect

I appreciate group play events can be a bit of an intimidating prospect, especialy if it's a new experience for you. I'm doing everything I can to make sure we all have a fun, relaxed, horny time!I like to create a fun, playful environment, with lots of open communication, this won't be a space for serious solemnity and silent nods! There's something inherently ridiculous about group sex and I like to acknowledge and embrace that.The room we'll be using is kitted out as a BDSM dungeon, we'll be using some of the furniture but not most of the kit that's in there (some of it can look a bit scary if you're not used to it, don't worry though, it only gets used on people who want it!)I have a friend who'll be helping me out as well as joining in with the gang bang. We often play together at events and love being watched and joined by others, we put on quite a show!When you arrive at the venue one of us will greet you and invite you into the living room downstairs. Once we're ready to start we'll ask you to leave all phones, watches and anything else that can be used to take pictures in the living room and bring you up to the play room. You will be able to get undressed/changed either in the play room or the bathroom.I'll be enthusiastically inviting people to play with me however I want them to so you don't need to worry about not knowing what to do.I know some people might get worried about their ability to perform in front of a group - you can still use your hands and mouth, plus I'm a big fan of sucking soft cocks!To protect everyone's privacy phones and watches must be left outside the play space - even analogue watches can have hidden cameras! There is a secure room in the venue where they can be kept during the session. The only exceptions to this are my phone that I'll be playing music from (but otherwise not interacting with) and my helper's watch that he'll be using to keep track of time


The venue is a 12 minute walk from Lawrence Hill station, it has plenty of on street parking and is not within Bristol's Clean Air Zone. You can arrive up to ten minutes before the start time.

The Small Print

All payments/deposits are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled, in which case they will be refunded in full. Outstanding payments can be made in cash on the day.Please bring proof of age if there is likely to be any doubt that you are over 18. If we are unsure you will be refused entry and lose all payments.


What will/won't you do? You can see what activites I enjoy and my limits on my bookings pageWhat can I do if I have a Voyeur ticket? Voyeur tickets are for those who just want to watch, please only get this ticket if you genuinely want that. If someone with a voyeur ticket tries to join in they will be removed from the space and lose all payments.Can I upgrade from a Voyeur to a full ticket? As long as there's a free space, sure! Once we get started upgrades will be at my discretion.What about drink/drugs? You're welcome to have a beer or use poppers during the session. Anyone who's intoxicated or found using other drugs will be removed from the space and lose all payments.Can you accommodate my disability/health condition/neurodivergence? Let me know if there are any accommodations you need when you book and I will do what I can to make it so you can be there and be comfortable/healthy. Unfortunately the play space is on the first floor and so isn't wheelchair accessible. If this is a barrier to you booking let me know and I'll do my best to find a space that is for future sessions.Is there anything I need to bring? I highly recommend you bring a robe/dressing gown, both for going to the bathroom and in case of the unlikely event that we need to quickly evacuate the building. It would also be very helpful if you brought a bag big enough to put your clothes in so they're easy to find when we're finished. You might also want to bring a towel and a water bottle.Can I shower at the venue? There is a shower you can use before and/or after - please bring a towel if you can (we will have a few spares). If you don't want to shower at the venue make sure you arrive clean, if you're not you will be sent to the shower and not allowed back until you are. Strong body spray/deoderant is not a replacement for showering!!!Do I have to get fully naked? You can wear as many or as few clothes as you're comfortable in, including fetish gear. Though for everyone's privacy we will be making sure you don't have anything in your pockets you could use to take picturesCan I bring my own condoms? There will be plenty of different sized condoms available, if you have a particular brand you like feel free to bring your own but don't be offended if I check the date on them!Can I play with other people there/will they expect to play with me? If you both want to play with each other that's great but you must ask first, don't just grab people's dicks! Be respectful and consider everyone's boundaries and we'll all have a fun time. Anyone who doesn't will be removed from the space and lose all payments.

07596 186 732 | [email protected]